Permits: Renting out vessels on the Gudenå

To rent out vessels in the Gudenå System (the Gudenå itself as well as its navigable tributaries and lakes), the renter must have a permit. One permit is required per rental vessel.

There are two types of permits

  1. Permits for daytrips
  2. Permits for overnight trips

The price for a permit is 300 kr per year, regardless of the type of permit. The difference between the permits is defined below:


Rental - Day trips

§ 3. On the stretch between Tørring & Tangeværket, daytrips are defined as trips that start and finish at the same place, on the same day.

On the lakes "Vestbirksøerne, Skanderborg Sø, Mossø, Gudensø, Knudsø, Vessø, Ravnsø, Birksø, Julsø, Borre Sø, Brassø, and Silkeborg Langsø" it is permitted to start and finish at different places within the same municipality, pnt he same day.

On the stretch between Tangeværket & Randers, daytrips are defined as trip that start and finish in the same municipality on the same day.

§ 4. Permission for rental of vessels for daytrips is issues by the municipality within which the rental business is located.

Applications may be made on a rolling basis to the relevant municipality. The relevant municipality undertakes necessary consultations and management of the issue, before coming to a decision.

§ 5. Section 1. The number of permits for daytrips is restricted. The number of rental vessels for daytrips is decided by the relevant municipality.

Section 2. Permits for daytrips are valid for a maximum of 4 years at a time.

§ 6. Rental businesses may not at any point rent out more vessels for daytrips than they have permits.


Rental - Overnight trips with canoe and kayak

Further to the EU's Service Directive and discussions in the Gudenå Committee, permission is given for renting of canoes and kayaks for overnight trips after prior public bidding for the permits. The bidding is done through dividing up the river and assigning a certain number of permits to each stretch, on the basis that they seek better utilization of permits downstream from Tangeværket.

§ 7. Permits must be dirtributed as evenly as possible to ensure that no part of the Gudenå is subject to more pressure on its nature than another. The same applies for launch sites.

§ 8. Overnight trips are defined as trips that are not included in the definition of daytrips.

§ 9. Permission to run a rental business for overnight trips is given along with the vessel permits. Permits are issued via bidding, which occurs at least every 4 years. Permits are therefore valid for a maximum of 4 years.

Section 2. Permits for overnight trips may also be used for day trips in accordance with the definition in §3.

§ 10. The number of permits, and therefore rental vessels, available for overnight trips on the whole Gudenå is limited to 962.

The permit holders (the renters) must report navigation on their vessels annually. This means that they must account for which trips each vessel has taken, including start dates, the number of days, and, in the case of longer trips, which stretch was sailed. This information is used to monitor how much each stretch of the Gudenå is used for navigation by rental vessels.


How to obtain an day-trip permit

It is possible to apply to a municipality (Kommuner) for a permit on a rolling basis if the requirements are met. Given that complaints are not forwarded by any stakeholder with the right to issue a complaint during the four week long consultation period, the responsible municipality will issue a permit for hourly trips. If the annual fee of 300 kr is not paid, the permit is void.

It is possible to obtain hourly permits for canoes, kajaks, rowboats, electric boats, sail boats, windsurfing boards, water bicycles and motorboats.

It is not possible to get hourly permits for the stretch between Tørring and Ry Klostermølle.


How can you obtain a permit for overnight trips

The Gudenå Committee issued canoe permits in 2012 for the permit period 2013-2016, on behalf of the seven member municipalities. 260 permits for the stretch between Tørring and Ry Klostermølle were issued, and 702 permits for the stretch between Mossø and Randers.

On the stretch Tørring to Ry Klostermølle, one permit also includes a limited number of access cards for launching the vessel. On the stretch between Mossø and Randers the number of launches with each vessel is unlimited.

In the period 2013-2016 there are still permits available for the stretch between Mossø - Randers, and it is therefore possible to apply for these permits on a rolling basis. It is possible to use an overnight permit for day trips, but not vice versa.

Within the current permit period it is possible to apply to the Gudenå Committee’s Secretariat for available permits on a rolling basis. Please first read and complete the following documents.

There will be a new round of permits in 2016, valid from 2017-2020. The material and information will be available on the Gudenå Committee’s webpage.


Illegal rental businesses

It is only legal to nagivate rental vessels from an authorized renter with a permit. You can view the list of authorized renters below.

Several instances of illegal rental businesses have been apprehended on the Gudenå, where vessels from organisations without permits have been let. Illegal letting is often blamed on inadequate knowledge of the rules for rental on the Gudenå. The Gudenå Committte has therefore produced an informational letter for organisations, clubs, scout troupes, etc. that navigate the Gudenå.