By initiative of the Gudenå Committee, the GudenåSamarbejde was created as a result of a vision for municipal collaboration produced in 2011. In 2016 it is transfered to the departments of development in the 7 municipalities.

From 2013, where the GudenåSamarbejde was formally established, and until 2015, where it is transfered from the Gudenå Committee to the development departments, it was a broad collaboration between:

*The Gudenå Committee

*Experience Gudenå, a project led by the Danish Nature Agency (Naturstyrelsen) - in danish OplevGudenaa

*VisitGudenaa, an organization made up of the tourist organisations VisitViborg, VisitRanders, VisitSilkeborg, VisitSkanderborg, VisitJuelsminde, VisitHorsens and Favrskov Kommune and MidtJysk Turisme - read more here

*LAGs – Local Action Groups - contact informations here.

Other stakeholders who wish to develop the Gudenå’s potential for natural or cultural tourism may in the future be able to participate in the GudenåSamarbejde.

The purpose of the GudenåSamarbejde was and is to make the area even more attractive for the local population as well as Danish and international tourists. One of the ways in which this will be carried out will be through an drawing up and communicating a Holistic Plan for the Gudenå Region.

In line with the 2011 vision for the GudenåSamarbejde, the holistic plan identifies project areas where the GudenåSamarbejde can carry out useful projects for the development of nature, culture and experiences in the Gudenå Region. Version one of the holistic plan finalized in 2013 identifies three areas for engagement: fishing tourism, the cultural history of the Gudenå and walking paths.

After producing the vision for the Gudenå, the Gudenå municipalities decided to place the continuing work with the realization of this vision in the hands of the Gudenå Committee. In this vein, the Gudenå Committee has continued to work to develop the GudenåSamarbejde.

The chair of the Gudenå Committee is also the chair of the GudenåSamarbejde. The project leader is based in the secretariat for the Gudenå Committee.